Professional Skylight Glass Installations in Nanaimo

Experience the tranquility of stargazing at night or brighten up your space using the sun’s rays with the addition of skylight glass windows in your home or office. At Baywood Glass in Nanaimo, we offer custom professional skylight glass windows installation that is guaranteed to fit your style and budget.


Benefits of Skylight Glass Windows


If you’ve never considered skylight glass windows, it’s time to start. Explore the many ways skylight windows enhance the beauty and ambiance within your space. Our clients enjoy skylight windows because they:


  • Are perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. If you’ve ever become frustrated when trying to get ready in the morning you know the value of natural lighting. Skylight windows in Nanaimo naturally illuminate dressing and gathering places throughout your space.
  • Add value to your property. Skylight windows are a chic addition to any building. They add both design and functionality which adds value to your property.
  • Save on energy costs. When you make use of the light and air naturally available, you don’t always need to control temperature and lighting with electricity which can cut your energy costs over time.
Skylight Window Replacement

Skylight Window Replacement

Types of Skylight Glass Windows

Skylight windows in Nanaimo can be fixed, electric or manual and may be curb-mounted or deck-mounted. Learn about different types of skylights before thinking about which one would best suit your needs.


Fixed Skylight Windows

Fixed skylight glass windows are the most traditional and often most affordable option. This type of window is available in a variety of sizes and doesn’t open; therefore, fixed windows offer superior leak protection.


Manual Skylight Windows

If you prefer skylights that can let in fresh air on a gorgeous day, consider manual skylight glass windows. Manual options typically swing outward from the frame and are held ajar with control rods. Alternatively, some manual skylight windows operate like traditional two-pane windows where the bottom pane can be lifted to allow air inside.


Electric Skylight Windows

The most sophisticated of the bunch, electric skylight windows take the hassle out of manual operation and can open or close with the touch of a button. Certain models also feature a rain sensor that will automatically shut the window if rain is detected.

Residential Skylight Repair

Residential Skylight Repair

Why Choose Baywood Glass for Skylight Glass Repair and Replacement?

At Baywood Glass, we specialize in glass installation for everything from cars to homes and office buildings. Our experienced glass installation specialists know that choosing glass for your home or business isn’t an easy decision. We use only top-of-the-line glass specifically designed for residential and commercial applications. Each one of our glass technicians demonstrates a commitment to customer service and quality craftsmanship on every project.

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Commercial Skylight Replacement

Commercial Skylight Replacement