Professional Sliding Glass Door Installation

Get Sliding Patio Doors Installed For Your Home in Nanaimo, BC


Have you ever felt a bit closed in when in you’re at home? Do you wish there was an easy way to provide your family and guests easy access to the patio, garden, or outdoor entertainment area?


Professionally installed sliding glass doors can mean the difference between feeling cooped up inside your home and the freedom to experience nature within seconds. Discover the difference sliding glass doors will make in your Nanaimo, BC home with Baywood Glass.

New Sliding Patio Door

New Sliding Patio Door

Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors


If you’re on the fence about sliding patio doors, consider the benefits of a new installation:


  • Natural light. Control the amount of light your space receives without affecting your heating and cooling costs. With sliding glass doors, you can keep them covered with curtains or blinds to keep the sun out, or let the sun shine through and reap the rewards of free natural lighting.
  • Enjoy nature. Love a rainstorm, but have no desire to get wet? Want to watch your flowers bloom without putting on sunscreen? With sliding garden doors, you can remain comfortably inside your home while still experiencing the beauty and serenity of nature.
  • Enhance your decor. The most popular sliding patio doors feature low-e glass, which helps keep the heat in and UV rays that fade furniture and floors out. Another popular choice for homeowners is a patio door that has built in adjustable blinds between the panes of glass. This feature helps to complement their interior decor and add a touch of the unexpected to their home’s features.

Once you’ve decided to install new sliding glass doors, your next choice is whether to complete the job yourself or hire a professional.

Sliding Glass Door Installation Nanaimo

Sliding Glass Door Installation Nanaimo

DIY vs. Hiring a Glass Specialist


New sliding patio doors take at least 2 full days to install if you’re doing it yourself, while glass specialists can often complete the work in less than a day. If you’re considering DIY installation, there are a few tasks you have to consider, including:


  • Accurate door and frame measurement (inside and outside)
  • Door and material transportation
  • Preventing or fixing air leaks and gaps
  • Acquiring help to assist in door stabilization during installation


Though it’s not impossible to install sliding glass doors yourself, there is a lot that can go wrong in the process which leads to wasted time and money. To get sliding garden doors installed quickly and accurately, trust the job to your local glass specialists: Baywood Glass.


Why Choose Baywood Glass?


Specializing in residential glass solutions, Baywood Glass is Nanaimo, BC’s source for experienced glass professionals. Our team will have your sliding glass doors installed on either ground level floors or balconies. Need help selecting a glass door set or have a unique request? Just let us know. We love helping Nanaimo homeowners make improvements that speak to their unique personalities and tastes.


Once you’re ready to discuss whether new sliding glass doors are the best option for your home, contact us at (250) 390-0326!

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