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We are a glass shop offering high-quality commercial and residential glass installations and repair services. Are you looking to add or repair safety glass to your home or office? At Baywood Glass located in Nanaimo, we have a highly experienced and skilled team of glass technicians. Our team will offer you onsite service within your time frame and budget. We provide a broad variety of commercial and residential safety glass products or solutions.


We offer safety glass, tempered glass and plate glass installation services for both interior and exterior applications. Learn more about the different glass products to select the most appropriate glass type for your home or office.

Safety Glass Installation

Safety Glass Installation

Safety glass installation


If you need more information about safety glass products, we will help you choose the best solution for your application. Safety glass is glass that has been hardened through various manufacturing processes. The safety aspects of the glass protect the glass from breaking or causing harm when broken. There are four common designs of safety glass.


The four include; tempered glass, wire mesh glass, laminated glass, and engraved glass. Safety glass offers high-quality products with strength and durability features.


Tempered glass installation


Tempered glass offers about four times the strength and hardness of annealed glass. Tempered glass is fabricated by chemical or controlled thermal treatments to enhance its power. It is a glass which has undergone rapid cooling during its manufacturing process.


Unlike ordinary or annealed glass, tempered glass when broken does not pose any threat. It usually shatters into tiny, blunt-edged pieces similar to smooth pebbles. The broken pieces of tempered glass are significantly less sharp, providing you with maximum safety.


Tempered glass is ideal for public spaces such as offices or homes where the glass comes into much contact with people. The glass is used in making glass doors, balcony doors, shower doors, tables, cabinet glass, glass shelves, and office or home windows among others.


Wire mesh glass is also an example of safety glass. The standard wire mesh glass comprises a mesh of thin metal wire inserted within the glass. The wire mesh enhances the strength of the glass.


Wire mesh glass brings the feature of reinforced glass.

Safety Glass Repair

Safety Glass Repair

Tempered Glass Installation

Tempered Glass Installation

Plate glass installation


Plate glass is also known as sheet glass or flat glass. Plate glass as a name refers to the original form of flat glass created. Plate glass was manufactured by pouring molten glass onto metal tables or flat plates.


After pouring the molten glass was rolled until it was smooth and uniform. Finally, it was left to cool. However, in the 1960s, the fabrication processing was replaced by the float glass procedure.


Today, plate glass can be reinforced by adding the degree of thickness. Thick plate glass is more robust and durable. You can have reinforced plate glass installed in your home or office.


If you need residential or commercial glass installed, we are highly-equipped for the work. We can offer you with the ideal glass product for your application. We offer all types of thick plate glass, tempered glass and wire mesh glass.


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Plate Glass Installation

Plate Glass Installation