Auto Glass Repair in Nanaimo

Replacing Broken Auto Glass


Let’s face it: No one likes dealing with auto glass repair issues. When you notice there is a crack or chip in your auto glass, you probably think it can wait to be repaired. Unfortunately, waiting too long can lead to additional damage and cost you money out of pocket.


Just like you depend on your vehicle to take you wherever you need to go, it also depends on you to keep it in tip top shape. At Baywood Glass in Nanaimo, BC, we understand that the last thing you want to think about is an auto glass repair. That’s why we make it simple and hassle-free to get your vehicle looking like new again. Learn how we can help.

Broken Auto Glass Repair

Broken Auto Glass Repair

Reliable Auto Glass Repair on Your Schedule


If you’re in need of professional auto glass repair or replacement, we make it as quick and convenient as possible. We specialize in both personal and business glass repair services in the greater Nanaimo area.


  • Personal Auto Glass Repair. Whether your personal vehicle is a sports car, family car or RV, we’ve got your auto glass needs covered.
  • Commercial Vehicle Glass Repair. From rugged heavy equipment to semi trucks, commercial vehicles can take a beating. Don’t compromise the safety of your fleet operators with broken auto glass – we can help!
  • We Can Handle The Claim Paperwork . Schedule an appointment and let us take care of the ICBC glass claim paperwork. We are an accredited ICBC Glass Express Facility.


If you’re ever unsure whether your glass needs repair or can wait, we’ll take a look and give you an honest opinion. In our experience, waiting to attend to repairs only leads to more headaches later on.

Auto Glass Repair Work

Auto Glass Repair Work

Experience the Difference with Baywood Glass


When we say we make auto glass repairs painless, we mean it. For small chips, our professional auto glass technicians can complete repairs in as little as 15 minutes. If you need a complete auto glass replacement, we’ll install new glass on a schedule that is convenient for you.


Friendly Auto Insurance and ICBC Claims Assistance


Worried about glass insurance claims? Don’t be. Our team of specialists can file glass insurance claims for any and all insurance companies, including ICBC claims. Of course, you can file your own ICBC claims yourself, but why not leave it to the experts? We also work with insurance companies such as Coast Capital, Canadian Direct, Auto Cover, BCAA Advantage and out of province insurers. The pros at Baywood Glass know how to file glass insurance claims timely and navigate the insurance process so you don’t have to. Simply pay your deductible (if there is one), and leave the hard work to us.


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Operating a vehicle with a cracked windshield or mirror puts your safety at risk. At Baywood Glass in Nanaimo, BC, we’re proud to be the area’s top choice for professional auto glass repair. Enjoy a refreshingly simple repair experience when choosing us to care for your vehicle. Contact us today at (250) 390-0326 if you have a question or to schedule an appointment. We’re available six days a week to serve you.

Repaired Windshield Glass

Repaired Windshield Glass