Glass Shower Door Installations in Nanaimo

What You Need to Know


Are you tired of wrestling with a curtain before and after your shower? Between the pools of water on the floor and the need to constantly clean the curtain to prevent mold and mildew, dealing with shower curtains is more trouble than it’s worth. Reinvent your bathroom’s look and function with the addition of a professionally installed glass shower door.


At Baywood Glass in Nanaimo, BC, we specialize in custom glass shower door installation that will bring your shower’s look and feel to the next level.


Custom Glass Shower Doors


When you’re in your bathroom, it should feel like a relaxing haven. With expertly installed custom shower doors, it will. Baywood Glass offers a variety of shower door options including:


  • Sliding glass shower doors. Providing easy access to your shower, sliding glass shower doors are available in crystal clear or frosted versions should you prefer added privacy.
  • Frameless sliding glass shower doors. For a look that seems to melt into the surroundings, frameless sliding glass shower doors are a classic option that provides a crisp, clean look.
  • Pivot shower doors. As opposed to sliding shower door glass, pivoting shower doors open and close like a standard door and can be equipped with a variety of handles to suit your taste and style.
  • Steam room doors. Unlike traditional showers, steam rooms are designed to, well, get steamy! But you don’t want all that luxurious steam pouring out into the rest of the bathroom, do you? Custom steam room doors can be installed to trap steam inside your steam room while in use.


Why Choose Glass Shower Doors?


Whether you’re purchasing a new home or restoring a vintage one, glass shower doors are the perfect accent to a classic, sleek bathroom. Consider the addition of glass shower doors for the following reasons:


  • Increased moisture protection. Showers with simple curtains are prone to water leakage. Once water gets into grout, onto tile and soaks through bath mats, you have a potential safety hazard on your hands due to the risk of falls and mold growth.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. Shower curtains can stick to your tub and may not dry properly if left open. This means you must remove the shower curtain completely, clean it with a mildew-removing solution, and let it dry before you can use it again. With glass shower doors, a simple spray and wipe is all the maintenance you need.
  • Improved property value. Most real estate agents and investors will tell you that prospective buyers judge the age and overall worth of a home by its bathrooms. As one of the first rooms to become outdated, bathrooms can be a tell-tale sign of how old a home really is. Renovating all or part of your bathroom can increase your home’s value and appeal.
Shower Door in Bathroom

Shower Door in Bathroom

Custom Fit Shower Door Glass

Custom Fit Shower Door Glass

Experience the Baywood Glass Difference


Known as Nanaimo, BC’s local glass specialist, Baywood Glass is the area’s trusted source for shower door installations. Our glass door experts can provide a thorough evaluation of your existing shower space and incorporate your vision into our recommended solutions. Capable of custom fitting glass door options around any size or shape of shower, our team guarantees your satisfaction through professional, precise installation. We custom design glass shower doors with hardware that complements your bathroom motif so the final result is a seamless, sleek shower area. And don’t worry, we won’t leave a mess behind for you to clean up.


Contact Baywood Glass Today


Say goodbye to vinyl and plastic shower curtains for good. Trust the team at Baywood Glass to transform your standard bathroom into a relaxing oasis with elegant glass shower doors. Contact us to schedule an estimate today at (250) 390-0326. We’re available six days a week for your convenience.

Shower Door Installation Nanaimo

Shower Door Installation Nanaimo